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Paint Protection!

At Eco Auto Clean – we recommend having your vehicle decontaminated and protected around each season. This helps keeps your vehicles exterior like new, as well as your interior. This also helps maintain the vehicles appearance for years to come, as well as helping in the resale process! Check out this beautiful BMW we washed, decontaminated and protected with a paint sealant! This color is tough to beat. Ready to get yours done? Schedule here

Recent details

Eco Auto Clean is slowly implementing our detailing services during this COVID-19 pandemic. We truly appreciate everyones support during these tough times. Check out a few vehicles detailed recently. We restored the headlights, washed, and decontaminated a Scion Xb. Also detailed were an Audi and Mercedes Benz. Check out the results! You can schedule our services here –

Why waterless?

Out of the elements for starters! Eco Auto Clean can detail your vehicle virtually anywhere. This is done using the waterless car wash method which consists of little to no run off. Weather can be a huge factor when detailing a vehicle. Being able to detail out of the elements can make detailing much easier and efficient. Check out these three vehicles detailed in a garage today!

Latest vehicles!

Eco Auto Clean was able to detail a couple of vehicles while remaining distant from the clients. We are keeping safe and keeping vehicles clean! Check out this GMC Arcadia, especially the half and half shot of our leather cleaner and conditioner! This product pairs up perfectly with a 3×5 microfiber applicator. We also were able to detail the Range Rover, inside due to using our waterless wash. (Was a chilly morning in Atlanta!)

BMW 535 & Audi R8 Detail

We have been doing our part in social distancing as best as possible! We sent out 1 team member with 0 interaction from the client. Clients prepaid for services and were communicated with via text. This helps our clients keep their vehicles clean while participating in social distancing. The Audi R8 was coated a couple of months ago with Gtechniq Ceramic Coating products. This helps the vehicle stay clean and protected. We are fortunate to be able to perform maintenance details as well. The BMW was detailed with our nano wash and wax. Check out the amazing before and after pictures!

Did you know?

Eco Auto Clean offers a range of vehicle detailing services. We offer carpet shampoo – spilled coffee? milk? Want to refresh your vehicle? We can do that with our products provided from Detailers Products. We can also use our hot water carpet extractor to give your vehicle that in-depth service your interior may really need.

Eco Auto Clean is also Gtechniq Accredited. This means we have gone through the proper training to perform paint correction and apply Gtechniq coatings. We offer many different levels of paint correction and coatings.

At Eco Auto Clean, we also provide headlight restoration! This is a much more affordable route than replacing your headlights. We also offer headlight bulb upgrades too!

If you ever have a question about any of our services please feel free to message us on Facebook or schedule an appointment.